Looking for inspiration for where to eat out at night in Port Melbourne? Thankfully the restaurant scene has diversified a fair bit since 2010. So if a pub meal doesn't take your fancy, here's a summary of the cuisines available locally (with table service):

Golden View [site]
53 Bay Street

Dalmatino [site] [GFG]
280 Bay Street

Italian (formal)
Ciao Celo [site] [GFG]
171 Bay Street

Italian (informal)
Bay 101
101 Bay Street

Bella Cosi [site] *Only on Friday nights
71 Beach Street

Cafe Grumento
101 Beach Street

Madonnas [site]
40 Crockford Street

273 Bay Street

Hollyhock [site]
2 Waterfront Place

Nautical [site]
3 Waterfront Place

Pier 35 [site]
263 Lorimer Street

Cafe Lafayette [site]
55 Beach Street

49 Spices [site]
49 Beach Street

Aagaman [site]
271 Bay Street

Khansama [site]
140 Rouse Street

Spice Av [site]
381 Bay Street

Komeyui [site]
396 Bay Street

Moshi Moshi [site]
79 Bay Street

Middle Eastern
Mr Lawrence @ The London [site]
92 Beach Street

Modern Australian
The Graham [site] [GFG]
97 Graham Street

Waterfront [site]
1 Waterfront Place

Emerald Elephant [site]
179 Bay Street

Picks Impression [site]
321 Bay Street

Royal Orchid [site]
363 Bay Street

Glenda Pho
191 Bay Street

Last updated: Aug 2015

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