Below is an index of reviews of all 16 pubs in Port Melbourne, along with links to their own web-sites. Click here for a graphical comparison between them, and here for a snazzy interactive map thingamajig.

Albion Hotel [site]
146 Evans Street

Bay and Bridge Hotel [site] [3AW]
316 Bay Street

Clare Castle Hotel [site] [3AW]
354 Graham Street

The Cricketers Arms [site] [3AW]
69 Cruikshank Street

Exchange Hotel [site]
39 Bay Street

The Graham [site] [3AW]
97 Graham Street

Hibernian Hotel (closed)
358 Graham Street

The Local [site]
24 Bay Street

London Hotel [site] [3AW]
94 Beach Street

Mardo's [site]
1 Crockford Street

The Pier [site] [3AW]
1 Bay Street

Prince Alfred Hotel [site] [3AW]
355 Bay Street

Railway Club Hotel [site]
107 Raglan Street

The Rex [site]
145 Bay Street

Rose Diner [site]
309 Bay Street

The Swallows [3AW]
192 Station Street

If you're interested to know which pubs offer your favourite mass produced beers, look no further. And for those with a penchant for more unusual beer on tap, here are some pointers:
Should you get bored of the pubs of Port Melbourne, fear not, there are some fine establishments amongst the immediately neighbouring:

Albert Park Hotel [site] [3AW] [history]
83 Dundas Place, Albert Park

The Beach [site] [history]
97 Beaconsfield Parade, Albert Park

The Fleece [site] [3AW] [history]
120 Montague Street, South Melbourne

O'Connell's Centenary Hotel [site] [3AW] [hot] [history]
Coventry Street, South Melbourne

The Monty [site] [3AW] [history]
355 Park Street, South Melbourne

Palace Hotel [site] [history]
505 City Road, South Melbourne

Railway Hotel [site]
280 Ferrars Street, South Melbourne

The Vincent [site] [history]
111 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

Wayside Inn [site] [3AW] [history]
446 City Road, South Melbourne

Former pubs still standing in and around Port Melbourne:
See Pat Grainger's excellent book "Chartered Scoundrels" for historical details of all of the above pubs, and a further thirty odd that, like the Fire Brigade Hotel, have sadly been demolished.

For pub history in neighbouring South Melbourne and St Kilda, see Becky Aizen's e-book Pots, Punks and Punters from 2004. Former pubs from these suburbs mentioned on these pages: