Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fancy fence

It's a shame in a way that the impressively creative design painted upon this Raglan Street fence didn't sneakily use the official palette of exterior paint colours for heritage houses in this borough (which, incidentally, really ought to be displayed in the paint aisle of Bunnings). It landed the owner in strife with VCAT last year, but then there's many a charcoal grey exterior in Port Melbourne that also flouts the rules, albeit in less extravagant fashion.
IMHO heritage controls benefit communities as a whole more than they do individual property owners and there is risk in making exception, even for well-liked cases, in precedent being set and then later abused, more for financial benefit, than artistic merit. However the only way I can see it being fair for Alex Skopellos to paint over his colourful design, which his neighbours seem to like, is if it's part of a wider clamp down on the slow erosion of traditional street frontages.

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