Friday, 3 July 2015


For a long time Bay Street neighbours Mane Attraction and Murphy's Paw had cornered the market for local pun-based business names. Whilst at the other end of town Rex Hunt's D'Lish Fish has long opted instead for cacography to welcome Tasmanians to our state. However relative newcomer Skewer'd has followed this unnecessary abbreviation precedent, and now Simple Affair has morphed into Brew'd Awakening, which manages to combine both techniques.
The worst language offender by far though would have to have been the frankly appalling "Gorjuss" hair salon. So my inner spelling snob was quietly relieved when they were promptly replaced by Laiba's (whose letters you certainly wouldn't want to misorder). But that relief proved short-lived as, with the invasion of coiffeurs showing no sign whatsoever of abating, just two doors down, this cringe inducing specimen appeared.

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