Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Graham and Clare

Is there any street in Port Melbourne with a greater personality split than Graham Street? To the North of Bay Street it's the beginning of multi-lane State Route 33, with its steady flow of semis over the fly-over from Fisherman's Bend towards the ferry terminal, or down the bay. To the South meanwhile it's a sleepy residential street linking the shops with gasworks park.
The relative fortunes of the properties on either side of this divide is mirrored by their respective remaining pubs. Both the Clare Castle and The Graham have distinct dining and drinking areas, but it's hard to fathom two more different establishments. Having been, I suspect, one of the few folk to have patronised both the Clare's lounge bar and the Graham's wine bar (or GWB if you really must), I wouldn't recommend both to the same person; you will like one or the other.
However when it comes to their dining options, I think it is possible to appreciate them both, for different occasions. The Clare's bistro offers keenly priced pub grub without fuss or fanfare. It's family friendly and not overly encumbered by the sports action next door. The Graham meanwhile offers genuine fine dining with attentive service that is ideal for occasions special enough to justify the $30+ dishes.

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