Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Domino effect

Port Melbourne's post office moved from the building opposite the Exchange Hotel around 1910, just in time for the beginning of the reign of King George, as signified upon its Palladian gabled front. I wouldn't have thought there was much sadder fate for such significant heritage building, than to be lying forlornly empty for years. That is until I saw the eventual replacement for Bay Street's sorely missed Readings bookstore.
For a supposedly health-obsessed suburb, Port Melbourne already has a plentiful supply of pizza vendors, so the garish arrival of the world's biggest pizza chain is ... a disappointment. It's a great pity that the inventive pattern of reuse set by Corte couldn't have been followed here. I had my hopes set on some Latin spark establishing Port Melbourne's first taqueria. Instead we just have mopeds cluttering the pavement and a yawn-worthy menu of cheese overload.

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