Friday, 1 May 2015


TV shows like The Block offer enticing glimpses of the potential riches to be had from buying properties and then squeezing the maximum renovation return from them. What they don't show however is the effect on both neighbours, and neighbourhood, from months of major construction work. And once focussed on profit, rather than say improving your own home, developers have minimal incentive for showing any respect or compassion for those nearby whose communal facilities, and vista, and parking, and morning sleep, are inevitably impacted in the pursuit of their prize.
Which is why I feel particularly sorry for this house facing Edwards Park which has the severe misfortune of demolition and construction occurring on both sides. In place of a single brick built bungalow to the right, they currently have a masterclass in selfish development, in the shape of a grossly out of proportion giant polystyrene Esky, complete with underground parking and real-estate agent friendly roof-top terrace. It remains to be seen what the other, slimmer, half of this sandwich of misfortune will look like.

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