Sunday, 24 May 2015


It's a brave person that attempts to bring a grilled fish & posh salad business model to the original home of Hunky Dory. Evidently Belvga with a 'U', who already operate a store in South Yarra, hopes to entice some hunky (and Old Salt) custom their way.
Although their shop frontage, in the base of the 101 complex, is wider than HD's, their outdoor table space is no bigger and, crucially at this time of year, doesn't boast outdoor heating. However for traditional sea-side fish & chips lovers they do benefit from being that much closer to the beach.
For the moment at least, the ambience in the spacious interior is quiet, which should tempt those nearby apartment dwellers that are happy to avoid frenetic queues. And when they do they'll find that the quality and freshness is very similar to the more famous counterpart.

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  1. Sat 20.1.18: Had fried Blue Grenadier with chips and salad. Batter on fish was stale and fish tasted old. Chips ok, salad looked droopy and tired. Made me feel sick next day. Would not recommend and compared to Saltwater Grill a long way off.


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