Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Good beer

If, like 3AW, you count the Palace Hotel as a Port Melbourne pub, then there'll be no contest as to the place to go to soak up some of this year's Good Beer Week. They're turning over all ten of their, already impressively adventurous, taps to take on some "Southern" themed wonders from South Island NZ, South Australia, Southern Belgium etc...
Meanwhile a survey of the town's other pub taps reveals minimal changes since last year. Both the Prince Alfred and The Pier pay homage to our local brewery by taking on Minimum Chips (shame it's Matilda Bay's least inspiring beer by a long shot). A much bolder addition is Little Creature's IPA in The Exchange yet not, surprisingly, in the Rose Diner (which does however now offer Schöfferhoffer Hefeweizen). However these days the most adventurous taps with a 3207 postcode now come courtesy of Mr Lawrence (at The London).

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