Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Hidden treasure

Since providing refreshments for the Port Royal street party, there has been a steady increase in numbers of people undeterred by the challenge of actually getting to, what I believe is, one of Port Melbourne's greatest hidden treasures.
Not only does Matilda Bay have the widest (and most frequently) changing set of brews of all Melbourne's craft breweries, it also has the kitchen to warrant making a night of it. And, poms rejoice, they even provide that bastion of Great British pubs ... malt vinegar to drizzle over your hand cut chips!
Mains hover around the $20 on the menu, however there's a teasing nine dollar burger which, while not massive, easily outclasses the phantoms and legends of Bay Street. Moving up the price scale, the dishes become more adventurous, though still unashamedly beer friendly. With its appealing bare wood and brick expanded seating area the brewery/restaurant would be overflowing if it were anywhere near a tram stop. For those of us in the know (and with a bike) its kind of nice that it's not.

Beers: Too many to list. Seriously
Wine range: $8- $10
Parma: No
Gastro: No, but pitched above typical bar food
Tradie vs Yuppy: It's a working brewery for God's sake
Transactions appear as: MBBC
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