Saturday, 1 March 2014


The other new wine bar to open on Bay Street is quite a different character to Harry & Frankie. For starters it's taking an original approach to dining, inviting customers to order in take-away from a venue of their choice, to enjoy with their wine (and providing some suggestions from Japanese restaurant Komeyui across the way).
The layout of Imbibe is still that of the original multi-room dwelling, which makes the front room bar area feel a little pokey, but then offers quite a surprise in the upstairs bathroom.
The wine list is no longer than many a pub, which does make you wonder what the incentive to try here is, rather than say the Prince Alfred next door. However when it comes to wine, quality trumps quantity, and this place will appeal to those who prefer the more refined ambience of a traditional wine bar or who appreciate the ethic of exclusively Victorian produce.

Beers on tap: None (but a reasonable array of bottled Victorian beers)
Wine range: Glasses $9 - $13
Parma: If you can find someone to deliver one!
Gastro: Not as yet
Tradie vs Yuppy: It's a bloody wine bar ;-)

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