Saturday, 18 January 2014


The heatwave subsided just in time for the unlikely sight of ten punk rock bands strutting their stuff in a cordoned-off back street of Port Melbourne. The combined organisation skills (and budgets) of Globe, Matilda Bay and the Salford Lads Club meant that the Port Royal street party displayed scant evidence of its inaugural status.
Making the most of the industrial setting, the bars and eateries set themselves up against the loading bay doors, as skateboarding ticket holders relaxed on pallets. Hitting the stage in order were Ausmuteants, The Spinning Rooms, Bits of Shit, Batpiss, Drunk Mums, Straight Arrows (pictured), Harmony, The Murlocs, The Meanies and Cosmic Psychos.
It was a champion effort all round, and hopefully one to be repeated next year, although I do have a couple of suggestions; 1) it would be good, for locals in particular, if the Draconian pass-out policy could be relaxed a fraction, 2) Matilda Bay really could do better than to offer Fat Yak (which is actually brewed 600km away in Hobart) as one of only two of their splendid beer selection.

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