Thursday, 16 January 2014

Backyard sobriety

Its inflatable screen may not be as big as the Moonlight Cinema's, and it is severely hampered by an 8pm alcohol curfew, but unlike St Kilda's Open Air Cinema it does at least wait for summer to arrive properly. Yes, the Gaswork's Backyard Cinema is back providing lazy entertainment on balmy Thursday and Friday evenings for the next seven weeks, although most would argue that it was a little too balmy this particular evening.
The program is hardly the most up to date and, with the season start coinciding with this year's Midsumma Festival, there's a heavy queer influence on the first few week's offerings. Nevertheless, like most things at the arts park, it's a friendly and laid back alternative to the bigger, and brasher, alternatives elsewhere in town.


  1. worst selection of movies i ever did see. Seems more of a poorly disguised gay convention than a movie night.

  2. Yes, the rainbow colours of Midsumma aren't the best disguise I suppose


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