Thursday, 12 September 2013

Railway Hotel

Not to be mistaken for Port Melbourne's Railway Club Hotel, the Railway Hotel is one of a string of really rather good pubs on the Southern side of Ferrars Street. Its impressive beer selection is on a par with the nearby Palace, Wayside or O'Connell's hotels, yet this 1850's inn real ace is a unique charm that can't be bought in.
For starters it's a bit of labyrinth, with front and back bars, open fire, pool table and pinball, non-invasive dining area and function room, and a surprising beer garden tucked behind the neighbouring house. The d├ęcor, around the long snaking bar, is fabulously old school with a mixture of art deco features, pressed metal and linoleum all old enough to have become cool again. Out front a sign proudly proclaims it a pokie-free zone.
Renamed after Melbourne's second train line (now the 96 tram route) opposite, the pub originally licensed as The Napoleon Third, manages to be both a good honest boozer and an appealing place for the residents of the affluent Albert Park and South Melbourne streets nearby.

Beers on tap: Carlton, Boags, Hahn Superdry, James Squire Pilsener/Golden, Heineken, Budvar, Guinness, Little Creatures Pale Ale, White Rabbit Dark Ale, Vale IPA
Wine range: $8 - $8.50
Parma: Oddly, no
Gastro: No, but way above average
Tradie vs Yuppy: To feel most comfortable, leave the suit or fluro jacket at home

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  1. Ahh perfect timing. My son, back in Australia on a holiday, was taken by his old school mates to this very pub last night. They loved it!

    Now my real question. Why on earth would they have chosen the name The Napoleon Third (or was it Napoleon the Third)?


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