Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fantastic Mr Fox

The relative fortune of Nando's (which is currently up for lease) versus trendy upstart Foxes Den is partially reflective of the continuing demographic shift in Port Melbourne. However it's also an old-fashioned victory of small business over tired (and arguably saturated) franchise.
Because for about the same price as a pseudo-Portuguese "Supremo" chicken burger you can get yourself a quarter free-range Moroccan-spiced chicken, with one of ten wholesome house-made salads. It's healthy fast food, for a sensible price, and with a conscious to boot. In other words just what the gym-goers in the apartments above and around are looking for.
And this fox isn't just interested in chicken either. The menu also includes curry, sangas and gluten-free cakes, with sufficient options to please a sector of the market who'd never visit a Nando's ... vegetarians. With creative combinations like wild rice salad with lentils, currants & almonds, the salads are easily the tastiest in town.
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