Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mask of Zambrero

No sooner had the Sri Sri experiment in, youthfully presented, flavoursome fast food fallen flat on its face, than another popped up a few doors down. Zambrero is one of a bunch of fast food franchises currently riding the wave of enthusiasm for Mexican food.
If you're familiar with the likes of Salsas, Mad Mex and Guzman y Gomez in the CBD, then you'll already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Although you may be surprised to learn that nationally Zambrero is actually the biggest of the bunch, with the Port Melbourne branch being part of a new expansion into Victoria.
It's certainly a welcome addition to the Bay Street dinner selection although for me their burritos, whilst satisfyingly chubby, need plenty of verde sauce in order to compete with the spicier flavours of their competitor's. However you can't knock their fresh and (if you use their web-site's calorie calculator) potentially healthy ingredients, nor their unique Plate 4 Plate commitment to donate a meal for every burrito purchased in their stores.
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