Sunday, 30 June 2013

Parcel bank

Let's face it, it's a drag having to traipse over to Williamstown Road to collect missed parcels. However the Bertie Street depot has recently undergone a makeover that has seen the creation of one of forty so-called Business Hubs, open until 6pm weekdays, and a space-age bank of keypad-controlled parcel lockers with 24/7 access.
You have to register to make use of the lockers, and you might think that this simply means that your missed parcels will then be placed there for after hours collection, however it's not quite as flexible as that. Instead, having registered, you are allocated an unique locker code that enables you, when ordering on-line say, to have parcels delivered straight to a locker with e-mail notification that it has arrived. You could even collect after a merry night at nearby Matilda Bay :-) Sadly however they can't be used for letters, or large parcels or, most problematically, anything that requires a signature.

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