Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Shagy grown up

It appears that the original Shagy has moved on to a new venture in Elwood, with the original teen-styled pizza bar being taken over by new faces. Thankfully he seems to have left his recipe book though as the pub-style menu, which was always their strongest point, is still reliable although perhaps not exactly fancy.
However one thing that has changed is the décor, with the furniture having been reupholstered and the fittings switched to a somewhat older generation's tastes. However in white-washing the walls they couldn't quite bring themselves to completely cover over the murals ... which now makes for a confused ambience.
Whereas before the occasional patchy service was somehow forgivable within the context of the whole college café vibe, now it's half way toward being somewhere with higher expectations that I'm not convinced it can meet. Nevertheless it remains a safe, family friendly, option for a good feed without excessive pretensions ... especially on warm evenings when their outdoor booths come into their own.

Main prices: $13.90 - $23.90
Beer range: Keenly priced selection of the usual suspects
Wine range: $8 - 9.50
Quantity vs quality: No going hungry here
Nearest Tram: Beacon Cove (109)
Bookings: 9646 2322

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