Monday, 8 April 2013

$29.99 or less

Now sporting the catchy title "Good Food Under Thirty Dollars (for two courses)", The Age's annual bible of cheap eats has down-sized but still remains a reliable guide of where to find high quality cooking for reasonable prices. In the absence of a handy Readings store (surely it's only a matter of time before someone decides to open another pizza restaurant there?) to peruse the $10 booklet, below are the local entries.
Compared to last year, Port's humble contribution to the 500+ entries has declined from 8 to 6. At first glance this is merely due to the removal of the 'Neighbourhood Lowdown' feature (and hence mention of Noisette and CafĂ© Di Lido), however over the same period neighbouring South Melbourne's entries have risen from 13 to 20...

Of the remaining local entries only one, the stalwart Hunky Dory, opens after dark. Consequently there is a close alignment with the town's premier coffee merchants. Flying the banner this year are the usual suspects of Balderdash, Salford Lads Club, My Sister Says and Third Wave. However somewhat controversially Little Rose has usurped Seven:AM, and one can only assume that the new kids on Station Street began their trading a little too late to be reviewed.

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