Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ravi Shankar

The doodled walls and red signage of Sri Sri, the latest addition to the quick feed stretch of Bay Street, are rather reminiscent of the Grilld burger chain ... which is topical what with Urban Burger, a few doors down, in the midst of its own metamorphis. However there are no patties on the menu here, the Sri being of the Lankan form, with the tantalising promise of some more welcome spice to the Port Melbourne dining scene.
Sri Sri hopes to capitalise on its location by offering, at weekends at least, food from breakfast through to pub closing time. This seems quite bold sat as it is, two doors down from one of Port Melbourne's finest breakie spots. And the abundant Western morning options contribute to what comes across as a somewhat confusing menu, as it's tricky locating many "Real Sri Lankan Flavours" amongst all the variations of poached eggs and fish & chips.

Lucky then that the real differentiating options, the curries, are so worth hunting down. The Curry in a Hurry Packs are an absolute winner at ten dollars for a wholesome bowl of assorted Sri Lankan goodness ... even if they do come in an absurd amount of packaging.

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