Thursday, 28 February 2013

Floridian Thai

It took me a long while to accept that the most contemporary of Port Melbourne's three Thai restaurants was neither named after a Lord of the Rings actor or the home of Disneyworld. Olarndo Thai takes the opposite approach in Google-individuality to the Boat restaurant assuming, that is, that you can assemble the letters in the correct order.
The food, like the decor, here is modern and crisp. Some dishes bombard you with a unruly cacophony of flavour, whilst others waltz delicately in the mouth. Service is attentive unless full capacity is reached, when the limitations of the narrow layout are reached, and parking for out-of-towners at this end of Bay Street is normally a breeze.

Main prices: $15.90 - 31
Beer range: Singha and Tiger join a standard collection of domestic bottles
Wine range: $8 - 9.50
Quantity vs quality: Wins friends in both camps
Nearest Tram: North Port (109)
Bookings: 9646 2690

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