Friday, 11 January 2013


For a while the replacement for Belle Zain, the bay-facing restaurant sited at what was the end of the old lagoon, looked set to be named The Lonsdale; in recognition of the twin towers above it, themselves named after the HMAS Lonsdale naval base built there in 1942. Instead, the new owners have settled simply on the name Boat (apparently they aren't concerned about people finding them on Google).
Boat adds some diversity to the Port Melbourne dining scene with it's Greek tilted menu. It's pitched at a similar pocket to its predecessor, which puts it in a similar price zone to the Station Pier restaurants. This is justified by the quality of food and, on a nice evening, great sunset views although the black box interior lacks atmosphere.  The service meanwhile is a step up from Belle Zain, although still not in the same league as the The Graham just two blocks in-land along the former Esplanade.

Main prices: $22 -45
Beer range: No taps, but typical bottles including a house beer
Wine range: $6-11
Quantity vs quality: Quality wins out in the end

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