Thursday, 31 January 2013

Clarice Road

As desperately antiquated sources of community information go, the town's mustard yellow Civic Guides are, right now, blisteringly up-to-date. Well insofar as the advertisers of "local services" appear to all still be trading anyway. It's a little hard to be sure of this point as half of them are from South Melbourne, the reach of the map having been extended accordingly. It's a somewhat amusing indication of the update interval of these "guides" that Bank of Melbourne can have died, gone to heaven, and been resurrected since its appearance on the previous incarnation.

Still, it's a whole lot better than this guide to Port Melbourne which, aside from containing the kind of overtly flattering language that the business association likes to peddle, contains a list of what appear to be phantom restaurants. I can't say for definite that the Komeyui Japanese restaurant on Bay Street (which was for a long time prior a French restaurant) never traded as Amber Indian Restaurant. However I am confident that we've never had a Clarice Road Sandwich Bar, largely as we don't have a Clarice Road ... on this matter the Civic Guides and I agree.

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