Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nagging numbats

After a rather lame attempt two year's back, the Port Melbourne Christmas decorations took an inspired turn for the better last year, with a street full of gold stencilled windows. This year that successful formula has evolved into an even more creative set of white vinyl, with each shop-front appearing unique. Even the vacant old Readings store has them ... which makes their absence from the likes of Optus, NAB and Witchery seem all the more Grinch-like.
The current wacky weather has helped diminish the absurdity of a snow-scape in summer, and this is eased further by the clever inclusion of native animals amongst the traditional reindeer, bunnies and partridges. It's hard not to notice the giant emu, but you have to be paying careful attention to realise that all twelve days of Australian Christmas have been accounted for (and that one shop's display is not entirely white)...
Look carefully and you'll find:

12 parrots prattling (at Noisette),
11 numbats nagging (at Murphy's Paw),
10 lizards leaping (at Chapel Bakery),
9 wombats working (at Green Element),
8 dingoes digging (at Telstra),
7 possums playing (at Edelene on Bay),
6* brolgas dancing (at Grey and Bliss),
5 kangaroos (at Melbourne Bakehouse),
4 koalas cuddling (at Gloss Boutique),
3 kookaburras laughing (at Coco & Creme),
2 pink galahs (at POD Homewares),
And an emu up a gum tree (at Eurodore).

* An extra brolga seems to have mysteriously sneaked into the Grey and Bliss scene.

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