Monday, 19 November 2012

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The Beacon Cove Pizza Bar, directly outside the end of the 109 line, is a perplexing place. Occupying (part of) one of the town's most significant buildings, it invites intrigue, yet adopts a remarkably perfunctory name.
The brash orange signs are rather at odds with the opulent interior ... and with the menu too, for this (thank god) is not just a pizza bar. Pub standard dishes are joined by Asian and Middle Eastern specials and the quality and service is decent. Add a sunny evening to the mix and the platform overlooking the palms becomes one of the nicest spots in town to sit.
But just when you've decided that the former railway station is actually a fairly fancy restaurant, with pretty views and stupendously easy access from the city ... you go hunting for the rest rooms. Sadly it has none of its own and instead you are directed outside to the utilitarian public conveniences tucked, albeit discretely, round the back. Like I said, perplexing.

Main prices: $10 - 32
Beer range: No taps, but typical bottles plus some interesting Hix beers
Wine range: $7-9
Quantity vs quality: Nicely balanced between both
Nearest Tram: Beacon Cove (109)
Bookings: 9645 3308
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