Sunday, 11 November 2012

Precious memory?

There can be few cities in the world where couples routinely go out of their way to have official wedding photos taken in front of the long distance ferry terminal. Admittedly Port Melbourne is easier on the eye than most (including, it has to be said, Devonport on the opposite site of the Bass Strait), but it's still remarkably incongruous seeing brides stumbling awkwardly across the beach, whilst simultaneously flicking sand into their trails.
Today's happy couples were treated, not just to near perfect weather, but also to the backdrop of a second maritime monster in the form of Voyager of the Seas. Apparently the 3,800 cashed-up passengers aboard the mega cruise ship were estimated to spend a million dollars during their day-trip. However, unless they were very well camouflaged, none of them seemed to make it as far as Bay Street, let alone Gasworks park where they could've sat in the sun enjoying a free concert from The Twoks.

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