Saturday, 6 October 2012

Station traders

It may have no real laneway gems, but Port Melbourne does have a growing number of places away from the Bay Street bustle to reward the sleepy side street explorer. In addition to the quirkiness of their location, places like Little Rose, The GrahamDecanters, Priscilla Jones and the Cricketers Arms each have to try that bit harder to get people through their door.
Despite being home to many of the town's finest houses Station Street, looking out over Australia's first railway (now the 109 track), qualifies as one such sleepy side street. So it's fascinating to see the rebirth of this corner shop opposite the Railway Club as the Station Street Trading Company (it was listed for sale as a confectionary shop back in 1918). It may be a long way off Bay Street but, as in its earlier incarnations, it does have one ace up its sleeve as it's right by the North Port tram stop and apparently plans to offer tempting takeaway options for passing commuters.
Coffee: $3.50 (+50c single origin)
Juice: $5.00 (freshly squeezed)
Eggs: $8.00
Licensed: No
Bookings: 9646 6663
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