Saturday, 15 September 2012

Distant pier

It will likely come as a surprise to some to know that there's a waterfront restaurant, with a Port Melbourne address, that is five kilometres from Bay Street. Pier 35 Bar & Grill really is an unexpected find, hidden away between the industrial units on Lorimer Street. Even more surprising is that it's open every day into the evening (although it is part of the d'Albora Marina which also hosts a 24-hour servo for passing boats).
Round these parts you don't expect much more than a cafe, but this is a respectable licensed restaurant, priced in keeping with its waterfront view (the quality of which is rather dependant on the type of vessel moored up on the opposite bank at the time). As such it feels a little too stuffy to recommend as a bar.
However with a $14 lunch menu available every day, its a worthwhile target for a change of midday scenery, and to get a flavour of what an evening meal might be like. It's particularly handily placed for those making use of the Westgate Punt on a weekend ... or stopping to refuel their yacht.
Main prices: $22 - $48
Beer range: Coopers Lights, Coopers Pale, Sapporo
Wine range: $8 - $13
Quantity vs quality: Nicely balanced between both
Nearest Tram: Nowhere near
Bookings: 9646 0606
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