Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cinco sentidos

Interestingly Port Melbourne's entries in The Age's recently released Good Cafe Guide lined up almost exactly with my own preferences, and they too thought that THE best place for coffee was this one...
It's nearly two years since unassuming looking Balderdash opened its corner door and it's fair to say that it's found a lot of favour with local caffeine addicts. However it's not just the lattes that keep this place bustling, the menu's pretty special too.

For something a little different, I thoroughly recommend trying some Mexican eggs for breakfast. That's if they haven't already rotated them off the menu by the time you try of course.

Coffee: $3.50 (5 Senses)
Juice: $4.50 (Nudie)
Eggs: $8.50
Licensed: Yes
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