Saturday, 28 July 2012

Bengal Tiger

Until late last year the former Nelson Hotel in South Melbourne provided the closest source of authentic Indian food for most Port Melburnians. The distinctively burgundy Bengal Tiger is hard to miss, sat as it is overlooking the busy intersection of City Road and Montague Street, just a block in between the Wayside Inn and The Palace.
Despite an incredibly high profile location, the Tiger always seemed to struggle to entice enough people to fill its many tables. For many, the slightly tired exterior hinted at a similar ambience indoors; which was unfortunate although the split room arrangement could be a bit chilly and meant that the waiter was often in the other room when you wanted him. Now however the corner entrance has been reinstated and opens into the, now cosy, main dining area.
Although at first slightly daunting, it is in fact not difficult to find places to park near the Bengal Tiger and there are tram stops on both the 96 and 109 within easy walking distance. Now's a good time to give it another go as the staff are fresh and eager to please, as is the food.

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