Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Competition time

The 26th of June has become the day that the supermarkets of Port Melbourne come under the, microscopically intense, scrutiny of Spencer's pricing comparison.
This year the net has been cast wider, to include milk bars and the rebranded West Gate servo. Which does go to show just how much extra you can pay for convenience. If you can brave the meat cleaver wielding robbers, then Coles is still the winner, but not by as much as last year.

  • $1.63 Coles (+5%)
  • $1.74 IGA (-5%)
  • $1.99 Thomas Dux (no change)
  • $2.00 Graham Street Milk Bar (new)
  • $2.20 Bridge Street Milk Bar (new)
  • $2.90 7 Eleven (no change)
  • $3.35 United West Gate South (new)
As before, the product of choice is a can of Whiskas cat food, and the percentages in brackets indicate the change since last year.

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