Saturday, 5 May 2012

Secret shakes

Believe it or not, Port Melbourne now has its very own secret, back street, warehouse-style, cafe. It's brought to us by the same crew that have kindly provided a welcome alternative to the virtually ubiquitous Carlton United Brewery pub beverage offerings (and is in fact the rear entrance to their Rose Diner).
Little Rose is tucked away on the one-way stretch of Heath Street, just round the corner from My Sister Says. However officially it's not just a cafe, it's a Jaffle Bar. Aside from the jaffles (which should guarantee an entry in next year's Cheap Eats), they offer some interesting breakfast items, freshly squeezed juices, wacky shakes and the obligatory posh coffee (which, is not yet up to the standard of the sister round the corner).
I really hope that this turns out to be more than just making a few dollars from the ordinarily wasted pub garage, and that other businesses take note to give us Port people a few more surprises away from the obvious offerings of Bay Street.

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  1. Checked it out this weekend. Love the spicy beef jaffle with an egg on top! Friendly, easy vibe in an interesting space. Will go back.


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