Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lion CUB fighters

Here's a question for Good Beer Week. Have you ever wondered why it is that in most pubs that offer Carlton Draught on tap (which, in Melbourne, is most pubs) the remaining choice is limited to Pure Blonde, Cascade Light and some combination of Asahi, Stella Artois, Kronenbourg 1664 and Fat Yak? It's because those pubs are supplied by Fosters/CUB, and therefore are "encouraged" to serve Fosters produced or licensed beers.
The pattern is very easy to see in Port Melbourne. You'll be faced with basically the same taps in the Bay & Bridge, Cricketers Arms, Hotel Albion, The Pier, Railway Club, Sloaney Pony, Swallows, Rex, and up the road, the Palace and Fleece.

The other big player of course is Lion (Nathan) whose Boags, Classic Blonde, James Squire, Kosciuszko Pale Ale, Kirin, Heineken and Becks selection can be seen at The Exchange, The London and The Local (although in each case additional choices are offered - especially at The Local).
So the real question, in a week that celebrates diversity of amber nectar, is which of Port Melbourne's many pubs aren't chained to the giant conglomerates? And which of these brave establishments might be the first to start offering our local brewery's output on tap (ignoring for the moment its ownership)?

It probably won't be the Rose Diner as, with the exception of Budvar, they concentrate on Little Creature's (rather respectable) portfolio. The one pub in Port Melbourne with the most diverse range of Fosters, Lion Nathan, Little Creatures and independant brewers output is ... The Prince Alfred. Cheers!

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