Thursday, 12 April 2012

Priscilla Jones

I've always had a soft spot for the cafe at the Gasworks. It was run by a cheerful, if slightly dizzy, couple and the food was reliable. However service was never their strongest point. Now, it's changed hands and been renamed as Priscilla Jones, yet some things remain remarkably familiar.
Despite the warren of shiny townhouses that now lay out front, this is still a very peaceful spot (well, except when the farmer's market is on that is). If you like Hot Honey in Middle Park, you won't be disappointed, as one of the new partners hails from there. Accordingly the menu is more sophisticated now, and yet manages to add fresh appeal to the needs of both parents and dog owners, and the coffee is now in the same league as Bay Street's best. However it's not just the furniture that is unchanged from the previous incarnation, unfortunately (based on two visits so far), the service still bears that dizzy trademark.

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