Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gaps in the market?

The evolution of the imposing blue stone building at the end of Bay Street from coal depot to private gymasium seems rather representative of the evolution of Port Melbourne itself. Morley's depot was built in 1872 (the same year as the Royal Mail Hotel) and named after the first Mayor of Sandridge, one William Morley. Soon however it will open as the latest of Port Melbourne's gyms, operated by South Pacific Health Clubs (who also run the St Kilda sea baths). It joins Genesis Fitness, KX Pilates, Bodycare Pilates and a host of local personal trainers feeding the town's obsession with healthy and beauty.
Heading out to the shops on a weekday evening, it's easy to feel out of place not wearing compression leggings. It makes me think that someone's missing an opportunity to open a Lorna Jane or 2XU stockist here. And yet it does sit oddly with Bay Street's, and now Beach Street's, other obsession ... with pizza (although kudos to Crust Pizza for declaring the calorific content of their menu). Given the combination of disposable income and health interest, there's surely room for some more healthy eating-out options. The only one that really comes to mind is the legendary Hunky Dory, who surely sell much more rice than chips with their (mostly) grilled fish and, let's face it, do incredibly well for themselves as a result.

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