Friday, 16 March 2012

London 2012

The London is in many ways the most prominent of Port Melbourne's various art deco fronted pubs, standing as if to welcome all-comers as they step off Station Pier. It was closed for a lot longer than the Rose (and, according to the press release, it was by no means certain that it would reopen) but it has finally been resurrected, and seems to have gone for a similarly simple green and white palette, which is a definite improvement on the previous garish interior.
It's a constant wonder to me that the few places to eat and drink that face out on to the beach, aren't much more successful. None more so than this joint, as it is comfortably the closest pub for anyone living in Beacon Cove (or indeed Garden City), let alone all the apartments that dwarf it. It's hard to tell whether the "unfinished" feel of the concrete floor and exposed ceiling voids is deliberate or not, nevertheless the more sympathetic renovation, extended drink selection and warm lighting seem like a recipe for much greater success.
However I am bemused by the choice of a Mediterranean menu. I've already ranted about the bizarre obsession with pizza on Bay Street, but now Beach Street seems even more one-dimensional with the Beacon Cove Pizza bar, Bella Cosi, and The Pier all offering extensive selections, and even Hollyhock offering some. The pizzas here are very good, but they are also around the $25 mark which, given the significantly more reasonably priced competition either side, may cause some to baulk.

Beers on tap: Boags, Kosciuszko Pale Ale, James Squire Pale Ale, Coldstream Naked Ale, Heineken and Becks
Wine range: $7.50 - $11
Parma: No
Gastro: As gastro as pizza gets
Tradie vs Yuppy: Table service likely to deter the former

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