Monday, 5 March 2012

Bullish Mary

There was a noisy reminder of the "Port" in Port Melbourne early this morning as a swarm of choppers buzzed around the Queen Mary 2, like flies around a bull. Given that she first 'set sail' over eight years ago, the world's largest ocean liner has taken her time making her maiden trip to Melbourne. Despite plenty of advance warning of their arrival, the cashed-up guests were still given the trademark wonky welcome.
It was all very exciting for the TV news companies but, to be honest, she didn't look significantly taller than some of the large cruise ships that regularly sidle up to Station Pier. However she does have rather longer and more elegant lines than her ugly sister, the floating box that is the Queen Elizabeth, that caused similarly contrived excitement last year. Still, at least it didn't put people off their breakfast in the same way as the thought of a naked Ricky Nixon.

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