Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Phantom park

There is another Port Melbourne guide out there. It's a colourful folded map widely circulated at tourist spots throughout the city by Grid Maps, who have much more up-to-date advertisers than Civic Guide. It's centred around Albert Park, also covers South Melbourne and Middle Park (although oddly doesn't stretch to include Station Pier), and shows the location of advertisers, commercial strips and parks. However despite being published in 2010, the current version manages errors in all three categories.
It's understandable that it might still show the former location of Emma Jay Designs before they moved on, however it does the remaining business owners of Bay Street a bigger disservice (particularly those toward the beach end), by erroneously showing the commercial strip ending shortly after Coles. And the residents of the mostly Victorian houses that back onto Drysdale Street are in for even more of a shock, as apparently they live on open parkland!

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