Saturday, 18 February 2012


The Floodgate hotel used to mark the Northernmost tip of Sandridge Lagoon; the large saltwater lagoon onto which Esplanade East and West used to face. It was somewhat daringly built four years after the great flood of 1863 in a spot almost guaranteed to live up to its name.
Now, however, the pretty pub on the corner of Ingles Street is home to Madonna's; one of Port Melbourne's many many pizza joints (they do do pasta, risotto and a few other mains too mind).
It's an unpretentious restaurant that manages to balance a smart contemporary atmosphere with a family-friendly menu. The pizzas are topping heavy (which I guess is one of those love/hate things) aboard a relatively thin traditional base, and good value too at around $13 for a dinner plate-sized small.

Main prices: $13 - $34
Beer range: Cascade, Carlton, VB, Pure Blonde, Crown, Coopers Pale, Little Creatures Bright
Wine range: $7 - $9.50
Quantity vs quality: Errs on the side of quantity caution
Nearest Tram: North Port (109)
Bookings: 9676 9230
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