Saturday, 28 January 2012

A sense of place

There's a bit of a surprise lurking at the bottom of the council's local area map, in the form of a link to a free MP3 audio walking tour of Port Melbourne. It's a well produced narrative, in the style used at many historical tourist attractions, which runs for 48 minutes. It makes for a mildly interesting way to while away an hour and you learn, if nothing else, how bad the place used to smell and how Liardet is pronounced. However there is one segment on the brownout strangler which seems out of place, since none of those crimes occured here.
The web-site mentioned during the tour is now defunct, and there no longer appears to be a tour map available for download, so above is the route followed. It's a (just under) two mile circuit starting and finishing at Station Pier, and it's not really necessary to pause at the exact points suggested, you can just continue wandering leisurely along the route. Thankfully, despite being a few years old, the sights on the tour are all still standing with the exception of the Faram Brothers hardware store.

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