Saturday, 21 January 2012

The one oh nine

The Australian Open may be on, and the Rugby World Cup long gone, but Tag Heuer have paid for their moody makeover of a 109 tram and evidently intend to get their money's worth. However with trams on this route reportedly running every 8 minutes during the day, there's not brilliant odds of seeing this particular car at Beacon Cove (especially if the driver decides to quietly jettison his passengers at Montague Street as seems increasingly common these days!).
Yarra Trams claim to be running an extra hundred weekend trams to the beach this summer (across five routes). With a new timetable taking effect today, I thought it high time for some more spurious graphs...

This first graph shows the number of trams per hour in each direction between Port Melbourne and the city during the week, and reveals a hidden incentive for city slickers to leave work early, with a glut of trams bizarrely headed bay-ward before 5pm:
This is the same graph for Saturday which predictably enough has a flatter, and longer, running profile:
And finally here's the graph for Sunday, which takes even longer to get going in the morning:

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