Sunday, 21 August 2011

Damned Lies

One year on, and the number two Google result* for "Bay Street Port Melbourne" is still using the same laughably out of date photographs and business names. It spurred me on to create an up-to-date list of shops, cafes etc along the strip, and here is the current breakdown:
The Bianca complex was under construction when the panoramas were taken, which makes them at least three years old. Since then there has been a net increase of 11 operational shops and businesses along the street, and it's interesting to note the changing flavour of the town:
During this time we've said farewell to fancy sounding Kinki Koki, Bolis, Sketa, Bosa Bella and Papillon. Whilst during the same period we've said hello to the more simply named Golden View, City Tiler, Green Element, Cruise About and Skin.

But wait, there's even more superfluous charts below the break...

These changes bring to very nearly half, the number of all shops on Bay Street providing Health & Beauty or Fashion & Jewellery services. Never let it be said that Port Melbourne is a vain town.
However happily there is still a relatively small proportion of chains (by which I mean businesses with five or more branches):
And continuing my highly scientific analysis of eating establishments, there has also been a net increase of four cafes (though it feels like more), bringing them level-pegging with fast food joints:
* Congratulations to The Prince Alfred Hotel for (still) taking the top search spot.

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