Sunday, 15 May 2011

Simple affair

Housed within the bare-brick rear of the old Port Melbourne Theatre building, Simple Affair is Liardet Street's multi-faceted healthy living centre. For a long time the majority of its ground floor space was given over to organic groceries, however recently (perhaps due to the emergence of Brewsters and Thomas Dux) this has dwindled to a couple of shelving units as the cafe has taken centre stage.
However this shift in emphasis has seen the cafe earn itself an entry in the Cheap Eats guide, and at the same time made it easier to be sure of finding a spot to enjoy some good wholesome food.
They have a pretty standard breakfast and lunch menu, but where they excel is in their specials and salads (the bean burrito is a personal favourite). Whilst enjoying their fayre you also have the option to read about the services offered by the wellness centre upstairs.

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