Saturday, 16 April 2011

Local entertainment

This year's Entertainment Book is out. For those living under a rock, this a phone directory sized tome of coupons designed to entice people to try out new businesses. It is sold by charitable organisations for $65, of which they get to keep (a rather stingy) $13.
You don't have to travel far to recoup the initial outlay. Here are the local pubs and restaurants in this year's edition:
  • BelleZain (25% off total bill up to $30)
  • Hollyhock (1 free main course with purchase of another up to $35)
  • Nando's (1 free 1/4 peri-peri chicken)
  • Omah's (25% off total bill)
  • The Local (25% off total bill up to $30)
  • The Pier (25% off total bill up to $30)
Maybe a few more will sign up for next year when they see their competitors brimming with trade.

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