Thursday, 31 March 2011


Occupying a prominent spot overlooking the Graham Street junction, The Rex is a very familiar landmark of Port Melbourne, although perhaps not really in a good way. It's currently sporting an odd two-tone colour scheme reminiscent of a 50's american car, and it's not entirely clear whether this is just the half-way stage of a Chequers style makeover.
It's unlikely however that it will lose its TAB, Tatts & Pokies livery though, with annual turnover from its gaming machines alone apparently exceeding $6m. Unlike the Clare Castle just up the road, The Rex is a pure gambling venue which, despite being housed in the former Victoria Hotel building, has no redeeming pub qualities other than the abilitiy to buy beer ... for drinking at your pokie machine. It does however raise funds for our local VFL team.

Beers on tap: Carlton Draught, VB, Pure Blonde, Hahn Light
Wine range: Unknown
Parma: No
Gastro: No way
Tradie vs Yuppy: Welcomes any class of gambling addict

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