Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cheap eats

The latest edition of The Age's bible of worthy (and sensibly priced) eateries is out, and there's some changes to the Port Melbourne contingent. The City Tiler is a no-brainer addition which will no doubt put an end to the happy days of always being able to find space to sit in there. Also added are My Sister Says, Simple Affair and, the current darling of the cafe press, the Salford Lads Club.
Also included, and continuing a run of succesive mentions are The Graham Winebar, Hunky Dory and Noisette. The only demotion was the Prince Alfred Hotel, which is still listed but only now as an "Also try". The book costs $24.95 and is a worthwhile purchase for exploring other suburbs, as there seem to be almost no duds amongst the 600+ reviews.

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