Saturday, 19 February 2011

Meeting farmer Giles

How great is the farmer's market? Judging by the number of folk walking around with bunches of organic rhubarb, there can't be many Port Melbourne folk who aren't aware of this monthly wonder. Talking to the stall holders, it seems this is the biggest and busiest market on their circuit.
In case there is anyone who has somehow missed it since it started five years ago, the market is held on the third Saturday morning of each month. The quality of fresh produce is way above what you'll find in Coles and typically cheaper too. It's not all healthy produce either, there's cakes and beer to keep the rest of us happy, just remember to bring your own bags. You can even combine it with brunch at the Gas Works cafe (which currently has an interesting set of photos showing the history of this part of town, including the great explosion of 1920).

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