Monday, 21 February 2011

Civic guide

I know that it's far from a unique Port Melbourne phenomenom, but why do we have not one but two daggy, eighties-era, "Civic Guides" on Bay Street? Aside from being rendered largely redundant as a concept by Google Maps et al, they are also both hideously out of date.
This one advertises the services of the Keg Restaurant & Bar, Securaway Storage, Terry Hammond Cycles, Bank of Melbourne and, slightly bizarrely, Albert Park Inline Skates ... all of which appear to now be defunct (or at least renamed).


  1. It is possibly out of date enough to provide an interesting glimpse into recent history.

    I especially like the out of date advertisement for the South Melbourne Market. It claims to be 'One market where the Aussie Dollar is still worth something.'

  2. Given that Bank of Melbourne has now resurged (although not, as yet, on Bay Street), maybe they are on to something by not updating too often!

  3. Civic Boards are Back!!!! We at iOM want to restore this Australian Icon - iOM, an iconic outdoor company has teamed with Civic to bring this medium into the 21st Century.


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