Thursday, 20 January 2011

Clare Castle

OK, let me say straight off that the Clare Castle just isn't really my sort of pub. Somehow a wall of racing screens and garish red stools designed for optimum betting pleasure isn't an atmosphere that enhances my drinking pleasure.
Having said that, there is something endearing about a pub that has stuck doggedly to its roots, somewhat off the beaten path and has, to be fair, perfectly friendly bar staff. It probably could have done without the whole machete attack incident mind.
Up until very recently, the Clare was one of two pubs competing for the traditional wharfie custom on the Northern side of the tram tracks. Its survival is a testament to the enduring loyality of its sport loving punters.
Beers on tap: Carlton Draught - what else could a man possibly need?
Wine range: Red or white
Parma: $19 (not tested)
Gastro: I very much doubt it
Tradie vs Yuppy: Proudly working class


  1. Seems rather unfair of you not to have even mentioned their restaurant, which is probably trying to cater for all-comers, save pretentious foodies. Betcha didn't even notice it, has a separate entrance.

  2. By your comments it is easy to see that you have never set foot in the hotel
    I'm not sure who would take you seriously
    The bistro is family friendly and serves terrific food
    The bar is also like a big happy family
    I dare you to come in and have a drink don't worry no one bites !!

  3. And by your comment I'm guessing you didn't notice the interior photo I took ... whilst having a beer there. I can confirm that no one bit me.

  4. I pretty much agree with the writer here. I have drank here twice and it is not my sort of pub either - save for the fact they have beer on tap. The staff are friendly but dirty chairs and wall to wall racing doesn't really float my boat either. The bistro area does look nice though.


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