Monday, 27 December 2010


Christmas has brought some change to the dining scene down at Beacon Cove. Of the three restaurants overlooking the nautical beacon itself, Campari was always the more affordable, if least exciting option. Now however it has been replaced by Hollyhock.
The good news is that they seem to be aiming for the same market share, so it's not too extortionate to eat here (although you're still paying a bit of a premium for the setting - which is fair enough on a sunny day I guess). The food quality and service aren't likely to cause 3 Station Pier or the Waterfront any sleepless nights, but they do seem to be a step-up from their forerunners, and their Turkish pizzas are an art-form in themselves.
I do however have a bone to pick with caterers like this who call their chips fat, just because they're chubbier than french fries. "Fat chips" should be reserved exclusively for when each potato is hand-cut into no more than twelve pieces. OK rant over.
Main prices: $19.50 - $41
Beer range: Carlton, Asahi, Mountain Goat Steam Ale, Matilda Bay Bohemian Pilsner
Wine range: $7 - $9.50
Quantity vs quality: Just take a look at the size of the cakes
Nearest Tram: Beacon Cove (109)
Bookings: 9644 1300
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  1. Far too noisy. Music loud, food poor. Service very slow.

  2. I've been back twice since and all I can say is ... what music?!


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